Clinical Lab Consultancy

Clinical or Medical Lab Consultancy Services

Space Integrated Solutions (PVT) Ltd suggests technical training and clinical laboratory consulting services in all clinical laboratory areas consist of controlling, monitoring, decision-making and financial services. Our consulting services are provided to all types of clinical laboratories comprising governmental, academia, hospital, and physician office laboratories. In addition, Space Integrated Solutions (PVT) Ltd provide services to all public and private companies in Pakistan that are involved in production of laboratory products, marketing and financial institutions involved in financing and investing in the laboratory business. We provide our clinical consulting services through our consultants who are specialized and qualified in all laboratory operations. We direct you towards companies which have high speed, accurate and efficient laboratories and competing America’s new healthcare environment. This achievement allows us to expand consulting and outreach capabilities for all our clients. We are passionate about serving Medical Lab startups professionally, effectively and efficiently.

We provide a large collection of services to streamline the process, providing you all the guidance which you required, regardless of where you are in the process. Through our system, we’ll be able to answer all your queries and get everything down to the last detail confirmed so that your lab can run smoothly, efficiently and without any obstacles. Our main motto is to guarantee patients are receiving the superlative medical care by empowering physicians with high quality, cost-effective laboratory information to create new up-to-date clinical decisions. We stand here to help you by our recommendations and customized solutions to improve your laboratory disciplines.

Our clinical lab services include:

  • Integration and installation
  • Transactions and Mutual Projects
  • Operations Improvement
  • Laboratory build out and Workflow Design
  • Exploitation Management Initiatives
  • Testing Appratus
  • Instruments and supply selection
  • Ongoing consulting and support
  • Laboratory director services
  • Staffing and recruiting

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    Space Integrated Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. is a professional organization providing high-quality consultation services working with the world’s leading companies to stimulate and enable their employees to succeed in a progressively connected, virtual and global organization. We work nationwide, in multiple disciplines and at all levels from middle to executive management. We have a highly qualified and professional team which leads the organization and deliver the world-class services to our clients. We operate nationwide in personal and online.


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