Steel & Metal Fabrication Work

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Steel & Metal Fabrication Work

Steel and Metal fabrication comprises a variety of metal and steel works procedure. It involves welding, cutting, bending, trimming and machining. SIS is here to fulfill your metal and steel fabrication requirements. We provide our services all over Pakistan in all organizations ranging from housing, commercial, industrial, public and private sectors. Not only we provide all the metal and steel works related to your fabrication project, but also offer different engineering support as well such as engineering diagramming and scheming. We will be there for you every step of the way guaranteeing your project success. We are confidential and consistent metal fabricators.

Metal Fabrication

Our steel fabrication services include residential, industrial, commercial, retail sectors in all over Pakistan. No matter what are your steel fabrication requirements, we deliver all services which are closely with you and your structural engineers, architects and design team through whole process to ensure you get the results you want. Our basic purpose is to deliver your project on accurate time, on budget and at the quality you would expect from one of steel fabricators. We offer High-equality metal fabrication Services, due to which our work is thoroughly appreciated before and after fabrication. A complete range of steel sections can be supplied, fabricated by experienced metalworkers and welders to meet your specific requirements. All fragments can be cut to size and can be penetrated, coated and delivered in a finish to meet your exact requirements. We provide metal fabrication services for housing, industrial, commercial, and non-commercial in all over Pakistan.

Outbound Tourism & Transportation

Space Integrated Solutions (PVT) Ltd offers a variety of advanced metal fabrication companies for innovative equipment’s including power generation, nuclear-powered, renewable energy, agricultural, and heavyweight construction apparatus. We focus on delivering high-quality metal fabrication on-time and pleased to deal full custom metal fabrication services to our clients. We serve customers in the construction, agricultural, food services, wastewater, environmental, and material handling areas, as well as many others. The list of materials with which Space Integrated Solutions (PVT) Ltd works includes carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, lead, light metals, copper, and architectural metals. We will provides you experts who are skilled with multiple processes including bending, sawing, stitching, welding, and cutting metal and tailored to meet your customer’s needs. When you will work with Space Integrated Solutions (PVT) Ltd you will get the best results.


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